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Global Views: Education and Action Organisations
Exploring issues such as wealth and poverty, injustice and human rights, peace and conflict and environmental damage is central to global education. The following links offer more information to help teachers and pupils alike to acquire a deeper understanding.
Global Issues for Teachers
People & Planet is "the UK student campaigning organisation working to end world poverty, defend human rights, and protect the environment"

GreenNet: "strives to defend and extend the rights of those who use the internet for social campaigning." This site has extensive links to other organisations.

Black Presence in Britain: "This website contains a wealth of information about black British history." It includes a section on African Reparations Movement (go to Links section)

Tourism Concern for information on sustainability and tourism

Institute of Race Relations: for resources and information on tackling racism. For 'Homebeats' CDRom, follow publications link

The Refugee Council "is the largest organisation in the UK working with asylum seekers and refugees. We believe asylum seekers and refugees should be treated with understanding and respect."

Peace Pledge Union: " an independent organisation of individuals from all walks of life. Their shared belief is that war and violent conflict are neither necessary nor inevitable." Useful resources and documents for classroom use.

Food and Farming: run by Cyfanfyd - the Development Education Association for Wales. Activities for secondary schools on geography and sustainability issues

Anti Slavery International "is the world's oldest human rights organisation founded in 1839." They provide resources and training for schools.

Sustainability issues from Indian environmentalists

Naomi Kline author of No Logo, outlining some issues around globalisation.

John Pilger on globalisation and related issue

Global Arcade "the family fun center where you can play arcade games and learn about globalization and what is happening to people around the world."

Global Exchange "is an international human rights organisation dedicated to promoting environmental, political and social justice."

The United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs sustainable development pages